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Opal Pool found near Excelsior..
Opal Pool found near Excelsior Geyser

Welcome: Thank you for visiting My Pictures by I am a Asp Programmer and Website Developer working full time as such. As a hobby I like to take pictures and would like to share those pictures with you. Please take your time and look around if there is any thing you like or even dislike let me know.

11 Year Old Scout Camp - Camp ..
11 Year Old Scout Camp - Camp Tracy

Pictures: I have recently bought my first SLR Camera a Nikon D40 and went on vacation to Yellowstone. This was my first trip t and as my wife tells me gone nuts taking pictures.  My first trip was to Yellowstone where I took a few pictures (around 1800) one of which was Old Faithful though it was not my favorite spot in Yellowstone.

Devil's Thumb is one of the mo..
Devil's Thumb is one of the more unusual formations found in Mammoth Hot Springs

I am first and formost a programmer.  And as such I enjoy that just a little more then taking the pictures.  I have created this site from scratch and my intent is to sell and or give away the code.  So far there is 3 copies of the code.  This is the first one.  The secound one is Dad's Slides which is pictures my dad took while I grew up and even allot before me.  The third on is Daytons Jeep pictures of my brother his jeep and his friends.I am hopping that you will be the next one to set up a picture site and share them with your friends.